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Psychic Therapy




Meylora Moon is a conduit for spirit unlike anyone else.  Her channel to the divine connects to all those whose only purpose is to guide and support your journey of human incarnation on Earth.  There is no spiritual or religious tradition that does not have its own divine helpers who are always present waiting to be heard, ready to assist those who are ready to receive their knowledge.  


Booking a Channeled Session with Meylora creates a sacred space for your spirit guides to speak with you. It is no accident that this opportunity has come into your awareness at this time.  During a session, Meylora will bring forth messages of guidance from your own spirit guides, the special wisdom meant especially for you.  

What is Psychic Therapy?
As a licensed therapist, I understand the value of traditional therapies to help guide us as we navigate the waters of life. With divine inspiration and guidance, the science of the mind joins with the spirit of the heart. A psychic therapy session allows you to   experience spiritual insights tailored to your soul's unique purpose and mission. During a psychic therapy session I can offer insights and guidance from those in the spiritual realm who come forward to illuminate your own spiritual pathway. 

Psychic therapy sessions last 30 minutes and can be held in-person or in the comfort of your own home through Zoom. Contact me by email at to begin a journey of renewed cosmic consciousness through these
life-changing and spiritually transformative
psychic therapy sessions!

One of the "side effects" of my divine healing was that I began receiving communications from other worlds and dimensions.  The vast majority of these transmissions come from those who guide the ascension of humanity on Earth at the present time. I also receive knowledge from the Earth Herself, who is a willing participant in Her own ascension along with humanity. 


I am dedicated to providing others guidance and support through the divine communications I receive. I offer inspired messages and spiritual guidance to help others connect to their own divine aspects, to make sense of what they see and feel happening on Earth, and gain a better understanding of life’s spiritual journey.

My mission is to help everyone discover their true purpose in life and learn to trust their inner wisdom. I believe that everyone has the power to manifest their dreams and open their hearts to the hidden mysteries of the universe.  It is the divine destiny of all humans who come into communion with their Divine Self to grow beyond who they believe themselves to be, into the Truth of what they are.  My guides are perpetually ready to assist those who desire to know the Divine. 

Architect One  10-21-23   (9) Diamond Crystal   
31.7779° N, 35.2462° E

Children of the Living God:


You cry to us: why cannot all the Earth be a place of only peacemakers, a world that would disavow those who defy the Love of their Creator to defile all of Creation? Why must the weeds be allowed to grow alongside the wheat? You have found it impossible to pull them out from their roots, and so seek ever more efficient means of exterminating them. Is it of no concern to you that these methods of ridding the world of its weeds also poison the holy well that keeps the wheat alive?


Weeds do not require an agrarian terrorist to plant them; they grow all by themselves. They grow up from beneath the ground into your gardens as well as your lives. These thorny and poisonous presences who are not welcome, not part of your vision, those who greedily devour the sunlight and the water meant for those far more deserving and righteous, breathing in the air meant only for those whose breath is judged to be clean and pure. Most weeds are simply irritants, such as the ivy, but others, as is their nature, indeed bring the death shade of the night plants, and the death that walks beside them always.


We hear the cries. Let us go gather the weeds! Let us rain poison and death upon them to rid ourselves of their pestilence! Let us cleanse the garden by uprooting them and casting them out! But in gathering the weeds you uproot the wheat among them. The Lord has told you: Let them grow together until the harvest. At harvest time will the weeds be bound into bundles for the fire, and the wheat gathered within the shelter of the barn. This is not an instruction to remain passive in the face of those who bring Death unto Life, but a call to a remembrance that one can do more harm in righteousness than doing nothing at all. Human eyes cannot discern the righteous from the evil, yet with such strength do they covet the power of God for themselves.


You are living now in the time before the Harvest, and patience is not seen as the virtue it was in the past. Let tolerance be thy virtue now. Know that the weeds may yet be useful in ways humanity cannot comprehend. The weeds awaken many among you to remembrance, to remind them of who they are. When the garden becomes too overgrown to reclaim, only then does the search for the Creator of the garden become a necessity, and not a luxury. The wheat that has basked in the sun and drunk of the rains must now face all they have taken for granted. They must remember now true life requires intentional effort.


You pray to us: How are we to live beside the weeds who seek only to oppress us? How are we to survive when so many seek only more and more death? We are helpless in a world of weeds whose only wish is to choke us! We ask you: so shall you spend your remaining time then in attacking the weeds? Or will you now devote your energies to nourishing yourself as wheat? Remember now the corruptive power of defense, by taking up the sword you have been called to lay down, by rejecting your true nature and acting as weeds, you become full of the same poison. The Lord has told you that the Old Covenant is only for those who are either unwilling or unable to adapt to the New Covenant. An eye for an eye creates only a world of darkness, inhabited only by the blind, none with eyes to see the Light. Having plucked out the eyes of their Brother, so do they sacrifice their own. Love those who wish to take your place upon your death, pray for those who seek to choke you, as Children of the Living God you exist beside and within God, who makes the sun shine and the rain fall upon all who desire to experience the garden.


You are called not to surrender yourselves to the weeds by either depleting your energies in destruction or being helpless to their desires for your death, but to reconcile with the Earth and the Sky that has supported your growth all the while. May the Love you feel be magnified by the lowering of your shields, and the laying down of your swords. In this surrender will the true nature of God, as loving Creator and protector come as a revelation. Allow in faith that the Guardians will fulfill their purpose to humanity- the harvest, the reapers, the fire, all that is of the hand of God. Desire nothing more than to embrace Life, to continue growing together as the wheat that will become the Bread, no matter how high the weeds have now become. Continue to bear witness to the One who has planted you among those who seem to have been planted by someone else.


This is not even remotely a call to passivity. It is a call to intentional activity. For those whom have already forgiven their enemies, you may attest to the intentional strength of which we speak. It is not easy to grow together, as a field of wheat, competing with the weeds for the resources of survival.  Be true to your roots and have faith in the One who has planted you, for the harvest is for the One alone. You are as conduits of this Love. When you know who you are and who you are working for, you will proclaim the Kingdom not with shields and swords but with healing, forgiveness, restoration and resurrection. These are all that humanity is given to share with the world, since it is all that is needed in the world.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Let’s Work Together

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