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QHHT Healings are currently being scheduled by personal appointment only in the Richmond, Virginia office


What is QHHT?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a beautiful and sacred journey of deep inner healing that truly changes lives.  First developed by Delores Cannon, those who have experienced a QHHT session have transformed the quality of their lives in miraculous ways.  


Quantum energy exists as a wave state within each of the cells of your body as the smallest atomic particle you can imagine.  This quantum energy was known to the ancients as chi.  Quantum healing uses the energy of this force to interact with the electrical energy generated by your mind.  The ancients understood chi as a conscious force.  As an almost living thing, the quantum field within your body is malleable and responsive to your thoughts and intentions.  Quantum healing aligns your mind with your Oversoul, or higher self, and accesses your subconscious to connect, and request participation with, this higher aspect of yourself to illuminate wisdom and facilitate healing.




Quantum healings affect each person differently and very personally, as each of us is a unique person in body, mind and spirit.  The primary purpose of a quantum healing is to target those areas of your body that are seeking relief from chronic or persistent pain and suffering.  Sometimes this is a chronic physical pain in a particular area of the body, such as persistent headaches or back aches, or other physical manifestations of discomfort.  Many times people seek relief from mental or emotional pain and suffering due to chronic anxiety, addictive behaviors, persistent mental obsessions, or a general feeling of hopelessness.  Your Higher Self guides the process of healing.  You will be in direct communication with your Higher Self during a QHHT session.  Many are able to feel the energy shifts in the room when this divine aspect become present. 

During a QHHT session, a clear connection between you and your Higher Self is established.  Everyone's Higher Self has the knowledge of what is needed to heal the body and mind.  A QHHT session creates the opportunity for you to connect directly and intimately with your Higher Self to receive the knowledge that is always there waiting to be transmitted.  It is your Higher Self that activates the healing to be initiated within your body.

The channel between you and your Higher Self has always been there, but in most people the conscious mind blocks your awareness of this connection.  The process of QHHT gently puts your mind to sleep so that this channel can be activated and come through for healing.  The QHHT process allows a deep state of trance to be achieved, one where the active mind is calm and relaxed.


If you have never undergone hypnosis before and are a little anxious about the process- that is okay!  Clients are frequently surprised at how easy and comfortable these hypnosis sessions are.   During a QHHT session you are able to connect with those aspects of your Higher Self that have information you need at this time.  Your Higher Self has the knowledge you need now in your life.  


Illuminating the deep knowledge of your purpose has a positive effect on your energetic vibration, and is life-changing. Your Higher Self knows what serves your spiritual purpose going forward.   A QHHT session is an intention to reclaim all aspects of yourself, and to truly understand who you really are, and what your spiritual purpose is in this life.  Your personal divinity guides the steps of your own unique spiritual journey.

Hypnosis puts the mind into a pleasant state of deep concentration.  This restful quieting of the mind opens it to more elevated expressions.  The most elevated expression is our God Mind, or Higher Self, which is found through the subconscious.  This is the expression of the mind that is asked to come forward during a quantum healing session.  It is a bit of divine energy within the brain, and represents our highest level of spiritual expression while in body.  Science might refer to these areas of the brain as the centers of imagination.  Tapping into this energy during a session results in a permanent vibrational energy shift within your body.  You will establish a newer, higher energetic baseline. It is impossible for you to lower your energy to return to a previous state as it is a qualitative shift, not a quantitative one.  The healing occurs during this energetic period when the natural defenses of our conscious egoic mind are relaxed, allowing the divine aspects to come through.

Healing does not arise from a “power” or external force.  It is a state of being that is natural.


When are you ready for a QHHT session?


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